Portfolio Published Works

Molly Hacker Is Too Picky by Lisette Brodey
Published: FALL 2011
Media: Watercolor & photoshop

The author wanted a loose, pretty feel for the cover while including the characters personality. I had the most fun painting Molly's tower of objects, things she used in her everyday life, things she couldn't live without. Made me wonder what would be in my own tower, should I ever paint it. Probably about the same, but add more books and chocolate wrappers!

THE BROTHERS CRUNK - An 8-Bit Fack-It-All Adventure in 2D by William Pauley III
Published: January 2011
Media: Watercolor

I did the inside illustrations for this book. This is an awesome bizarro novel that was lots of fun to work on! These are only some of the illustrations, if you want to see the rest, invest in the book. :)

Loath Letters by Christy Leigh Stewart
Published: February 2010
Media: Watercolor, pen & ink, collage & photos

The cover as well as all the inside illustrations are mine. This was a fun projects where I got to express myself anyway I wished. Stewart wrote an anthology way out of the box, so I tried to let my art reflect the random, awesomeness of the novel. These images are only a portion on the art, if you wish to see all of them, please buy the book!

Satan Is The New Cupid by Christy Leigh Stewart
Published: September 2009
Media: Adobe illustrator and photoshop

This whole cover is really my comfort zone, cute, fun, and just a little dark. I sketched out ideas for the cover and after the author approved one I scanned it into illustrator and got to work.

Familiar Scars by Christy Leigh Stewart
Published: May 2009
Media: Pen & photoshop

I originally got the idea for the cover from a gift I made for a friend. (On the right.) I re-drew the image, changing a few details to match up with the main character. Then I scanned it into photoshop to clean up and add text.